Take 2

Not long ago, I set up a Pixelfed instance on one of my Raspberry Pi B v2s. Everything ran well until one day I uploaded a post and it was assigned a negative ID. It turns out, between when I installed Pixelfed and when that happened, the ID generation code had changed from a simple incrementing integer into a snowflake ID represented as a 64Bit integer. This was an issue, since my Raspberry Pi 2 was running a 32bit operating system, and the snowflake ID library wasn't built to support that. I let pixelfed run for a while, but after I moved apartments, I didn't re-enable the nginx config.

Today, I decided to set up pixelfed on a 64bit OS. I had a spare Raspberry Pi B v3 that I wasn't using, so I cleaned up the installed packages a bit, put PHP on there, and moved all my configs over. The result is my new pixelfed instance!

You can find my account over there @asonix@pixelfed.asonix.dog

I'll likely just post a bunch of furry art, but we'll see how it goes