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I've written a lot of software, come talk to me about it

Just wanted to get this out there. I've recently spun up a Matrix server, which means I can now create chats for my projects. The goal of this is to enable people to get help from me and each other when using my software, since previously people needed to reach out to me via email or the fediverse.

There's two communities (groups of chats) I've created, and there is some overlap between them. The first is the Aardwolf Community, which is a collection of chats for important dependencies for the WIP Aardwolf social network. The next is asonix's Crates, a collection of chats specifically about my software. While many of these chats are also in the Aardwolf community, there's a few that aren't.

If you have any interest in Rust, ActivityPub, Gtk, OAuth2, or ZeroMQ, please come say hi, or better yet, come help out! There's a lot of code here, and only on me!



Individual Crate Chats:

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